Crocodile Tears In A Reptilian World

words to my friend


you were not born to be tolerated
to build walls that separate us
in a world where we’re told
to dance on our own graves
tear out our own hearts
to carve out more space
to be dying to exist

in the end, they will all cry
for peace of their own minds
but who will celebrate us?

releases March 10, 2023

Artwork and 3D visuals by MISFIT VIRTUAL, Poetry by Manal Aziz
All tracks mastered by Othmane Jmad except for ‘Ajarah’, mastered by WULFFLUW XCIV
Special thanks to 3D face model Frankie Stain


from the world to Casablanca back to the world — raghoul 2023


Crocodile Tears In A Reptilian World
Kemperton, Archidi, BLKM3TA, 3xOJ, Ishtar, Makossiri, OTAT, WULFFLUW XCIV, Qetsy & Noise Diva
Release date:
B a c k T o T o p B a c k T o T o p